Take Action is a Firefox add-on that takes advantage of the open Social Actions database, giving you access to thousands of ways in which you can make a real difference in the world.

Take Action was created to participate in the Change the Web Challenge. The purpose of the competition is find new, innovative ways to bring social actions closer to those interested in helping.

With the Take Action add-on you'll get:

  • A new toolbar button which will let you know if the topics of the sites you're visiting are related to current social actions.
  • A new sidebar that will show you the actions associated with the site you're seeing, the most recent actions, and the option to freely search the Social Actions database.
  • You'll be a few clicks away from making a real difference, all the time!
  • Completely free, open-source, no strings attached software.

The Take Action add-on is a top quality product, brought to you by developers Jose Enrique Bolaños and Jorge Villalobos. This is the same team who created the very popular Fire.fm add-on, winner of the Best Music Add-on category in the Extend Firefox competition.

If you're interested in giving something back to the world, like us, give Take Action a spin. We hope you like it!